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The TS-ML100 is a mobile reader module with internal antenna for 125 kHz transponder with Unique coding. Optionally the UID of HItag1 and HitagS transponder can be read.

The antenna is in the top end above the display. Target the transponder and press key. At successful read a beep signal is issued.

The TS-ML100 is also available as variants
"Typ 16H or Typ 16D" wich reads transponder with "GiS 16 Bit coding" in "hexadecimal (16H)" or "decimal (16D)" format.

Size: 130 * 75 * 25 mm
Display: 3 x 12 character
Reading distance: up to 60 mm
(depending on transponder size)
Frequency: 125 kHz
Operation temperature: -10°C to 55°C
Power supply: 9 Vdc monobloc battery
Power consumption: about 50 mA during read
Transponder types: Unique (EM4102), Hitag1 (UID),
HitagS (UID)
Article number Name
TS-ML100 125 kHz RFID-Reader
TS-ML100 Typ 16H 125 kHz RFID-Reader
TS-ML100 Typ 16D 125 kHz RFID-Reader
   Brochure TS-ML100