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NFC Programmer
Using the "GiS TS-NFC Programmer" software you can write data to transponders using the NFC Specification in a
comfortable way. These NFC transponders can be read and used by other NFC enabled devices (e.g. Smartphones).

To use the "GiS TS-NFC Programmer" software, a TS-HRW38 with Firmware version 1.19 or higher
and a Programmers license is needed!
The Programmers license is granted for defined no. of items and/or usage period.
For test issues a one time 200 pieces NFC Transponder programmers license is included at each device.

The software supports the NFC-Typ 2 (NXP MIFARE Ultralight®, NXP MIFARE Ultralight® C, NXP NTAG 203,
Infineon my-d NFC and Infineon my-d move NFC), NFC Typ 4 (NXP MIFARE® DESFire), NFC Typ 6 (NXP ICode SLI/SLIX,
TI TagIT HF and other ISO15693 compatible transponders) and NFC Typ 7 (NXP MIFARE® Classic (1K / 4K)).

NFC Basics:
NFC stands for "Near Field Communication". This is an international transmission standard where many leading companies like
Google, Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung and others are involved. Most new high class Smartphone with Android or Windows Phone operating system already have an NFC reader included.
If NFC is activated at the Smartphone and a NFC tag comes near to the phone, the content is automatically read.
Depending on the content the system starts the corresponding application (app) and offers the data.
A Example: Contact information is stored in the NFC tag. A contact information is like a name card and contains name,
phone numbers, mail address and so on.
If the NFC tag is read, the contact information is found and the user is asked if he wants to add this contact to the internal phone book. Then the contact information is added to the contacts (phone book).