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Problem-free transfer of stitch-data by e-mail


EmbroMail is a software for sending and receiving stitch data designs as an e-mail. So far only DOS-compatible stitch data formats like Tajima or ZSK transport code could be e-mailed.

But many formats could not be sent, because they were not compatible to DOS.

EmbroMail allows you to send these kind of formats, like ZSK stitch data or Barudan FDRIII data through the internet. This saves time and increases security, because there is no risk of damaging the floppy disk during the transport.

EmbroMail is divided in two separate parts:

EmbroMail Writer creates a file which can be attached to an e-mail.
  This file consists of any number of stitch data designs all desired formats.

The addressee uses the EmbroMail Reader to display and control these designs. He can copy the design to a floppy disk, either in the format they were sent or in the popular Tajima or ZSK formats. Formatting the floppy disks in all stitch data formats is also part of the reader.

EmbroMail may be copied and distributed with no charge.

Use EmbroMail for a free and quick data transfer between any sender and receiver, independently from the punching software or embroidery machine that was used.

Download free of charge:

EmbroMail Reader
(V1.07 / 1,60 MByte)

EmbroMail Writer
(V1.07 / 1,70 MByte)

works on all Windows operating systems (32 and 64 Bit)

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