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D - 73252 Lenningen

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Programmer software for GiS Animal Programmer Series
TS-W3x, TS-W8x, TS-W6x II and TS-W21 (134,2 kHz)

TS-W3x Animal Programmer

The program reads and writes animal tags in ISO NORM 11784.
Writing is possible for
FDX-B: Hitag2, HitagS, Hitagµ, EM4305, EM4569, Q5, ATA5575 M2, ATA5577 and SIC7888
HDX: TMS37124, TMS37190 (beide von Texas Instruments), NCD1015, SIC7900 and SIC7999
FDX-A: Q5, ATA5575 M2, ATA5577, EM4305 V512 und SIC7888

Version 4.20 | 07.08.2018 | 4,90 MB | deutsch / english

Programmer software for HDX Programmer Series TS-RW38 AC (134,2 kHz)

TS-W38 HDX Programmer

This program eases writing of HDX Transponders with running numbers or fixed data areas.
The following HDX transponder types supported:
TMS37124, TMS37190 (both from Texas Instruments), NCD1015, SIC7900 und SIC7999.

Version 1.06 | 19.05.2017 | 3,87 MB | deutsch / english